Kaneq Pharma

The Right Team  -  Validated Targets  -  Best-in-Class Drugs

Kaneq Pharma is a discovery and early development stage pharmaceutical company  formed by former employees of the Merck Frosst Center for Therapeutic Research. This group has extensive drug discovery experience and has been intimately involved in the discovery of Singulair, Arcoxia, Previcox, Tredaptive and odanacatib plus novel therapies for hypertension and diabetes currently in early stage development. The focus of Kaneq Pharma is the delivery of high value molecules for validated targets in the areas of metabolic disease and cancer.

Kaneq leverages the extensive experience of its scientists to discover best-in-class molecules for well-validated targets. Using select CROs, Kaneq will develop these products through to clinical proof-of-concept and out-license them at the most profitable point. As programs mature, Kaneq will target additional high-value mechanisms in order to establish a robust pipeline that will generate long-term value for the company. Kaneq programs are driven by our culture of identifying issues early and making data-driven Go/No Go decisions in order to deliver optimal returns.